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Senior Advisorship for international infrastructure funds

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M4i provides strategic consultancy to international infrastructure funds. It is a new company, but has a great deal of experience in PPP concessions for the construction and management of airports, motorways, hospitals and social infrastructure, both greenfield and brownfield.

M4i plays a crucial role as a technical and financial advisor in the acquisition and ongoing management of brownfield concessions. However, when it comes to greenfield concessions, M4i assists the Fund in identifying partners and preparing proposals. After the acquisition is finalized, M4i may assume the role of Senior Advisor, providing support to the investor in maintaining and enhancing the essential aspects of the operation.

In addition, Luca, on behalf of M4i, serves as Board Member in the Boards of Directors of some of the companies in which the Fund has an interest.

Luca Pecchio - M4i

Luca Pecchio

Luca Pecchio is the Sole Director of M4i S.p.A. since March 2023; the scope of the company, controlled by Luca, focuses on advisory to Infrastructure Funds.

Luca brought to this company all the experience that he had gained until April 26th, 2023 as CEO of HISI, a holding company controlled by two Funds advised by Ardian. HISI has invested in a number of hospital concessions in Italy while also participating in operations in Europe

Luca is also a member of the board of Directors in ASTM S.p.A. and in Itinera S.p.A., as well as in Aeroporto Friuli Venezia Giulia S.p.A.

Before joining HISI in 2016, he worked for 14 years at Techint as Director of Concessions and was in charge of 6 different Hospital Concessions in Italy.

Previously, he worked for several General Contractors both in Italy and abroad.

A graduate in Civil Engineering, he has been involved in infrastructure since 1980. M4i is the company he set up to better meet the specific consulting needs of international infrastructure funds.

Infrastructure expertise since 1980.

Social infrastructures

Our services

  • PPP Consultancy specifically focusing on financing, managing and supervising the entire procedure.

  • Our consulting services encompass both technical and financial management for Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) involved in public works concessions.
  • Advisor in brownfield concessions.

  • Consultancy on the identification of partners and the preparation of proposals for greenfield concessions.

  • Assistance and supervision throughout the life cycle of the fund.

We operate nationally and internationally

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Luca Pecchio

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